6 – 2 – featured haiku writer

there it is again!
adrift on the evening clouds
a gull’s plaintive cry
© Barbara Kaufmann 2014

This week I am featuring haiku by Barbara Kaufmann. Barbara is a prolific poet who writes a poem a day at Wabi Sabi


9 Responses to 6 – 2 – featured haiku writer

  1. Lovely haiku. The words really connected well to give good imagery of the gull’s cry.
    Michelle @ http://www.writer-way.blogspot,com

  2. […] 6/2/14 in Pure Haiku –  an on-line haiku journal that publishes only 5-7-5 […]

  3. Libby says:

    Lovely. This really draws the attention, making the gull’s cry special.

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