cancer … many meanings …

Welcome back to Pure Haiku. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been here, it’s because I’ve been blogging over at Dragonscale Clippings exploring the theme of Housewifery!
I’ve also been launching my Patreon Campaign in order raise money for my self-publishing endeavours. You can see me and hear me talking on my first ever video posted at Patreon.
Yesterday, I posted a haiku collaboration entitled parasitic predator Patricia encouraged me to write poetry, including haiku during 2015, when I was going through a very tiring and frustrating recovery period after cancer, surgery and chemotherapy.
Over the next few weeks, my guests and I will be exploring the meanings of cancer through haiku. I received so many wonderful haiku that it was difficult to choose which ones to include. So this time, I will be posting 4 haiku per week. Instead of just having one guest per week on a Wednesday, I will be having many different guests on all different days of the week.
As I read through the submitted haiku a few weeks ago, I realised that between us, we all told a story of surviving cancer. My haiku focus mainly on the recovery stage, dealing with the physical and mental implications of major surgery to eradicate cancer. My guests tell of the slow, quiet growth of the disease and of the effects of chemotherapy. Then we move on to the other aspects of the word Cancer… I hope you will find our journey through Cancer inspiring and uplifting.
© Freya Pickard 2016

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