Phoenix – feature haiku writer

Your ashes illume,

cradled beyond day and night – 

great is the unknown.


© Kerfe Roig 2018


Here is the final haiku from our featured haiku writer; Kerfe Roig. “I’m interested in the places between, the transitions, the stories we tell about how and where and why. I look for connections, mirrors, repetitions, gaps, contradictions, the interaction of opposites, the point where endings and beginnings meet.” Discover more at Kerfe Roig and methodtomadness.


This haiku is part of our Celestial Bodies theme!


6 Responses to Phoenix – feature haiku writer

  1. […] I did not have to look far into my Redon-inspired collages for a mythological subject. The stitched mandala is from my constellation series–this is the Phoenix, first published on Pure Haiku. […]

  2. This is a real gem.

  3. […] can read the words for the Phoenix constellation at Pure Haiku, here.  Thanks again Freya–this was indeed a healing process for me, much […]

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