10 – 15

aged oak timber

tales told in each line of grain

imposing entrance


© Ken Gierke 2018


Note: aged should be pronounced age-ed

Lately, Ken finds himself focusing on Japanese poetry. He likes the way haiku and tanka offer an opportunity for subtlety in such few words. You can read more of his work at Rivvlogr.

I chose this one to open the way to other haiku for our theme of Portal. I liked the visual image.

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!

24 Responses to 10 – 15

  1. […] I submitted the five poems here to Pure Haiku for Freya’s latest theme, Portal. The fourth and fifth haiku were featured at Pure Haiku on November 20th and October 15th. […]

  2. Libby says:

    Superb. I want to touch that door!

  3. kim881 says:

    A great start to the series, Freya! Ken’s haiku are classics.

  4. Jules says:

    And so we begin… with a wonderful entry. 🙂

  5. merrildsmith says:

    A perfect opener for this theme!

  6. rivrvlogr says:

    As always, Freya, thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  7. rivrvlogr says:

    Reblogged this on rivrvlogr and commented:
    Freya opens this month’s theme of “Portal” at Pure Haiku with my haiku, “aged oak timber.”
    This could prove to be an eye-opening series.

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