Welcome to the final theme for 2020 here at Pure Haiku!

Chameleon by Elisa Choi Ang

Thank you to the 14 contributors who submitted a total of 69 haiku on theme of ARTURINA back in March earlier this year. And thank you also to Elisa Choi Ang who has painted the Slippery Chameleon in such vivid detail!

Only one entry failed to reached the selection stage (the haiku reached round two) and there was just one outstanding entry shortlisted for the Featured Haiku Writer’s slot this time.

We welcome back some familiar faces: Susi Bocks, Merril D Smith, Kerfe Roig, Narmadhaa Sivaraja, JulesPaige, Ave Jeanne Ventresca, Jane Doughery and Bruce Jewett.

And we extend a warm welcome for those first timers here at Pure Haiku: Georges De Laberis, Ed Higgins, Thomas Zimmerman, Laura McGinnis and Linda Imbler.

Each post will contain a haiku, a brief one line bio about the writer as well as a link to their blog/web site – simply click on their name in the copyright notice underneath the haiku.

It was fascinating to read all the haiku inspired by my picture collections at Pinterest on my Arturina board. Enjoy the journey!

We blast off into space in just 2 days time …


7 Responses to Arturina

  1. Narmadhaa says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed writing for this theme. It was one of those challenges that makes you feel so great after you’ve been through it. Look forward to reading everyone else work! 🙂

  2. JanBeek says:

    I can hardly wait to read them! Thank you ❤

  3. Jules says:

    It is always a pleasure to write for your themes and read the contributions 🙂

  4. […] I added more darks on the blues and painted small organic shapes inside the colored spots. I used a black pen to draw small circles on the body of the chameleon to give it a bumpy textured skin. You can read more about the Arturina story over on Pure Haiku here. […]

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