12 – 8

deep snow cushions pod

from sterile interior

she now emerges


© Freya Pickard 2020

My characters have different points of view, some of which I disagree with.

This haiku is part of our ARTURINA theme!

4 Responses to 12 – 8

  1. Jules says:

    Not sure when it will arrive… but I sent you a holiday card in the mail… Cheers!

    • purehaiku says:

      oh, thank you, Jules! I’ll keep a look out for that! I’m doing e-cards this year due to not earning much from the B&B – will be sending them out later this month!

      • Jules says:

        There was a time I used to send many… now not so much. I still have oodles of cards though. I’ve not gotten into e-cards though I’ve received some nice ones.

        It was different when the cards themselves were a reasonable cost and the local postage wasn’t .55 – some fancy large cards require double that. I don’t send many overseas, but the rate has sort of remained the same. There used to be a media rate overseas, but that isn’t available any more.

        Take care, ((HUGS)) ~Jules

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