12 – 12 – Featured Haiku Writer

stars dance through cloud-waves

time’s chiliad rhythms beat,

past and future merge


© Merril D. Smith 2020

The mother of two extraordinary daughters, Merril D. Smith and her husband Doug share a house in New Jersey with their two cats.

Here is the first haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer. I loved this vast space and timescape captured in Merril’s words!

This haiku is part of our ARTURINA theme!


8 Responses to 12 – 12 – Featured Haiku Writer

  1. Dale says:

    Love this! Dancing through cloud-waves…

  2. marianbeaman says:

    I always enjoy Merril’s poetry, haiku a favorite form!

  3. Lovely! I love how “time’s chiliad rhythms beat…” Congratulations, Merril! ❤

  4. Geri Lawhon says:

    Wonderful haiku, thank you for sharing it.

  5. […] a featured haiku writer on Pure Haiku. There will be five haiku posted. Here are the links to the first and second […]

  6. merrildsmith says:

    Thank you very much, Freya!

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