Pure Haiku – FAQS

Pure Haiku is open for submissions of haiku on the theme of UNFURLING until 28th February 2021 at midnight, UK time.

Here’s a heads up on why some haiku are rejected whilst others are selected. Hopefully this’ll help as you compose and submit your haiku here!

Why were my haiku rejected?

I receive so many haiku whenever Pure Haiku is open to submissions that I am unfortunately no longer able to comment individually on each poem. Here is a list of the most common reasons why a haiku is rejected: –

1 – the haiku was not constructed with the correct number of syllables.

2 – the use of the English language is awkward, forcing the words to fit into the 17 syllable structure.

3 – each line is not an entire line in its own right.

4 – the haiku does not conjure up a vivid or original image.

5 – the haiku does not fit in with the advertised theme.

6 – the haiku was not in plain text in the body of the email, thus I was unable to cut and paste it with ease.

7 – you sent links to your haiku instead of pasting the haiku into the body of your email.

8 – you did not send all the requested information (eg first name, last name, email address, blog address, one sentence bio etc)

9 – your haiku relies on an image for the “aha” moment.

10 – you published your haiku before the final selection had taken place.

Please read how to and what I am looking for to ensure your haiku are considered for publication here at Pure Haiku.

I didn’t hear back from Pure Haiku at all – why?

1 – if you sent me an email then you should have received an auto reply. if you have not received an auto reply within 24 hours, please feel free to chase by email again.

2 – if you submitted your haiku as an attachment, your email will automatically be sent to the Spam folder and I will not see it at all.

3 – if you send more than 5 haiku your submission is automatically rejected

4 – if you submitted haiku through the comments form, they will automatically be rejected.

5 – if you submitted haiku via a Facebook message or twitter or other social media message, they will automatically be rejected.

6 – if you attached an image/s or embedded an image/s in your email, your submission will automatically be rejected.

Please read submit to ensure your haiku are considered for publication here at Pure Haiku. The current task is to write 5 haiku inspired by this painting by Elisa Ang.

This is a scheduled post. Comments will be read and approved when I next have access to the internet.

6 Responses to Pure Haiku – FAQS

  1. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    Just a few days left to compose and submit!

  2. JanBeek says:

    Thank you for being so specific about the reasons for rejection. This is very helpful. ❤

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