What I’m looking for in a haiku

Pure Haiku is OPEN to submissions of traditional haiku on the theme of Ghostlight by Troi David Loy until midnight, 31st October 2021.

I am looking for haiku that capture a single, vivid image in words.

I like snapshots frozen in time, conjuring something visual or audible or tactile that can be conveyed to the reader in just 17 syllables.

I like haiku that use the English language in an interesting way and that include juxtaposition and/or contrasts, looking at objects in a new, refreshing way.

I am looking for haiku that stand alone and say what they need to say by themselves without the need of a picture. I want the words themselves to convey a picture.

I prefer haiku that aren’t titled (but you won’t be rejected if you do provide titles!)

I also prefer haiku that are composed using three separate yet linked lines.

I tend not to post preachy or political haiku or haiku that reflect someone’s personal opinion.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, each haiku will be considered individually on its own merits. Please check your haiku contains the correct amount of syllables on each line before you email them to me. For more information, please visit How To and Selection.

Please note that I do not post your photographs as it slows the blog down. I am unlikely to post haiku portraying negative views of politics or religion. Don’t TELL me, SHOW me!

3 Responses to What I’m looking for in a haiku

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  2. Jules says:

    I’ve got mine written…. now I just need to send them 😀

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