Welcome to the first theme for 2022 – Ghostlight, inspired by Troi David Loy’s beautiful fractal.

Thank you to all 34 writers who submitted a total of 148 haiku. The quality of the haiku sent in was extremely high and only 4 writers had their work rejected. 7 writers were put forward on the shortlist for the Featured Haiku Writer slot and Troi David Loy chose Kerfe Roig as the featured writer for this theme.

We welcome 13 new faces to Pure Haiku: David Stones, Alan Peat, Sangeetha, Ian Richardson, Lisa Nelson, Sujata Khanna, Daya Bhat, T.J.S. Sherman, Gwen Plano, Colleen M. Chesebro, Matthew Gilbert, Larry Stephey and Christina Barber,

And we also say hello once more to some familiar names: Merril D. Smith, Ken Gierke, Ruth Partridge, Linda Imbler, JulesPaige, Ruth Klein, Bill Engleson, Kerfe Roig, Daniela Misso, Kim Russell, Laurie Rosen, Susi Bocks, Dan Brook, Thom Kerr, Ken Gosse, Mirela Brăilean and Mo Schoenfeld.

Starting on 3rd January we have 23 single haiku being published every other day plus my own haiku on the theme of Ghostlight. Between 28th February and 22nd March we have 2 haiku for each of the writers who were shortlisted for the Featured Haiku Writer slot on alternate days. And between 24th March and 28th March you will be able to read all 5 of Kerfe Roig’s haiku!

It was a real pleasure to read all of your haiku and to explore all your imaginative interpretations of this theme. I hope you will enjoy our journey over the next 3 months as much as I enjoyed reading and selecting the haiku to illustrate the theme.

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas and Holiday greetings in December. I apologise that I’ve not been able to respond to each one of you – your wishes are truly appreciated!


Freya Pickard


7 Responses to Ghostlight

  1. […] at Pure Haiku my guests and I have been exploring the theme of Ghostlight, inspired by the amazing fractal by Troi David Loy. You can read all the haiku for this theme […]

  2. […] This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme. […]

  3. […] This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme. […]

  4. River Twin says:

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Equally pleased to be amidst lovely people 🙂
    Wish you and the purehaiku family a very happy, healthy and creative new year!
    Daya Bhat

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