Love poems

27 May, 2017

This week’s re-blog is from Shalini’s blog – her haiku appeared earlier this year on Pure Haiku…


When I hear your love poems

Waiting for glimpse of lover

Extolling the beauty of beloved

Citing style of beau…………..

I deduce that you are counting

Waves of love

From the safety of the shore

You probably are in love

With the idea of love

The beauty of your words is muted

Pain’s allure hasn’t coloured them yet…

My heart whispers this blessing

May you be naive for lifetime

The day you plunge into ocean of love

The illusion of love will break

Either you will drown in vortex of sorrow

Or you will become love yourself ……

It’s certain that you will not be able

To gather in shallow words

The depth of experience of love

No longer will you write love poems

Waiting for glimpse of lover

Extolling the beauty of beloved

Citing style of beau………

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Meditation on Time

19 May, 2017

this week’s re-blog is from Rebecca whose haiku appeared here back in January… I like these words!

Thinking of Now

I looked at my favourite plant in the living room tonight and suddenly saw it as a tree.  Colourful cubbies holding toys would be gone and the tree would have all the light I wish it could have now.  Nights of staying up late to greedily grab as many moments for myself as I could would be gone.

One day my babies will need me in different ways – ways that will feel to me like not being needed at all.

Time will once again be mine and I won’t know what to do with it.


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The Letter

12 May, 2017

I love this post from Merril D Smith… what do you think?

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

I open the letter, read the words again and again. But they don’t change. They recount the battle and your acts of bravery. They describe the sudden storm, a tempest that battered your ship against the rocks, as you were journeying home to me. I had warned you not to go. I told you of my dream, where the storm clouds gathered and flew like demons, covering the moon, and you appeared beside me, cold and still, dripping, smelling of the sea, smelling of decay. I felt the pain then, clean and sharp in my breast. You laughed at my fears, called me Cassandra. Perhaps I am, for you did not believe me. I look at the ring on my finger and think of this other love-pledge you have given me, feel him flutter-kick in my womb. A son. He’ll be born in the spring. I will tell him about…

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6 May, 2017

this week’s re-blog is from another contributor Dr Kim …




QAISER IN 628 wrote about STRANGERS thus:


How strange,

The thing called life —

Just when you think its yours,

 It slithers from your embrace and,



This is my response in Haiku:


strangers in your bed

 sleep and wake every moment

 escape into void


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The Beans Speak

28 April, 2017

this week’s re-blog is from Ken Gierke’s blog – how do you like his sensory poem?


Brew Debate

The Bean Speaks

whispering, at first,
with aroma that builds
as they grind,
wafts from the carafe
waiting to be pressed,
and again from
the steaming cup

then, speaking softly,
the warmth of the first
tentative sip passing
across your tongue

conversing now,
with a taste that
floods your senses,
lingering, still,
long after the cup is empty

now cold, whispering again,
their aroma calls to you,
their taste still warming
your senses as
you continue your conversation


The prompt for Day 27 of National Poetry Writing Month/Global Poetry Writing Month from NaPoWriMo 2017 is to write a poem that “explores your sense of taste.”
Am I obsessed with coffee? Of course not. Okay, so it has its own Category!

NaPoWriMo 2017GloPoWriMo 2017

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It’s Here!

14 April, 2017

Libby has contributed to Pure Haiku in the past. Now she has another book of poetry out – this one is all about elfje! (And yes, she’s included some guest elfje too, including some of mine!)

Simply Elfje

Final cover version ‘Simply Elfje’ final cover.

Good News! My ‘Simply Elfje’ book of the blog is now available to purchase from Amazon. I have tweaked the colour of the cover a little and here is the revised version.

To buy a copy from Amazon UK please click here. It is also available from and in Europe.

There will eventually be an e-book version for Kindle, however I will be away now for a couple of weeks and have run out of time to do the conversion. I will do it on my return and hopefully it will be available in early May – watch this space.

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Freya’s Newsletter

20 March, 2017

just so you all know why there won’t be any posts or re-blogs here on Pure Haiku for a while…!

Dragonscale Clippings

By now I would have normally emailed the link to the current newsletter to all my subscribers. If you’re wondering why it hasn’t appeared, that’s because I’m having to put my newsletter on hold this year.
The main reason for this is that I am moving house and starting a new enterprise. I didn’t get a chance to get the first episode of the new story out this month due to all the things I’ve had to organise for the move etc. I’m really sorry about this!
My plan is to just rest from the newsletter this year and then commence serialising The Attar of Chervil in 2018. I hope all of you who subscribe are OK with the wait! House moving and setting up new enterprises are time consuming jobs!
An update will be posted at Current Story when I am ready to continue with the newsletter once more…

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