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So, you’ve written 5 or less traditional haiku in the English language on the current theme. How do you send them in an email to Pure Haiku?



And the body of your email should look like this: –

First Name: Freya

Second Name: Pickard

Email Address:

skin pinching coldness
frozen sand tinted with white
low sun strikes flat sea

gentle surf thunders
drowns in a thousand kisses
on compliant sand

northern wind stirs bay
ridged wave crests shudder coldly
occluded heavens

rippled glass effect
foam shards fly as sea collides
opaque wave shatters

salted mist blurs sight
dawn light silhouettes the head
winter wind stirs surf

Social Media Address:

Copyright Name: Freya Pickard

One sentence introduction: My aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through my writing.

Tell me here briefly where you heard about the current theme eg Pure Haiku, a Facebook group, someone’s blog post…

I have filled in my details to show you how the email will look. Please make sure you replace my information with your own, including your own haiku!

Please don’t use fancy fonts or bold or italics. There is no need to number the haiku, just leave 2 lines between each one. There’s no need to indent your haiku, just align them to the left hand side of the page. Please don’t send any attachments. Don’t even send me an attachment of the picture on the submit post! Just please send me your haiku as outlined above.

You don’t need to address the email to anyone, but if you feel you want to, please address all emails to Freya, as I am the curator of Pure Haiku.

If you’ve also read HOW TO and SELECTION PROCESS you’ll be in with a good chance of getting published on Pure Haiku!

Updated November 2022


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