Pure Haiku is CLOSED to Submissions

The next submission window will be from 1st – 28th February 2023.

The new theme will be posted on 1st February.

How to submit to Pure Haiku when the submission window is open: –

If you would like to submit your haiku written in the English language for publication on this site, please read Submission Email and the Submit Page, before sending a maximum of 5 haiku to: –

purehaiku (at) gmail (dot) com

with SUBMISSIONS, the THEME and your NAME in the subject line.

Please include the following in the body of the email: –

Your first name*
Your last name*
Your email address* (This is for correspondence purposes only and will not be published)
Your haiku (all 5 in one email please) (they do not have to be titled)*
The full address of your blog or website if you have one or the full address of one of your social media outlets (only one site per submission please)
The name you want to appear on the copyright*
One sentence introducing yourself. Be quirky and interesting – you want people to find you, don’t you?

Please tell me also where you heard about this current theme eg via Pure Haiku, a Facebook group or someone’s blog post.

Asterisked points are mandatory. If you don’t provide the information requested, your submission won’t be considered.

Featured Haiku Writer – From June 2022 there will now be TWO Featured Haiku Writers per theme. To be in with a chance of being selected for these slots (you get all FIVE of your haiku published on consecutive days either at the beginning of the themed selection, or at the end) make sure you send in five outstanding haiku on the theme whenever Pure Haiku is OPEN to submissions.

Even if you have had haiku published on this site before, please still include all this information as I do not keep any details of previous submissions. By including all the required details it makes my life easier when scheduling haiku. Thank you.


6 Responses to Submit

  1. Los 4 Words says:

    When will we hear which Volcano haiku you have selected?

  2. rawgod says:

    hello, freya,
    when do you think your next (2019) theme might be announced, and how long do you usually give for submissions to be made.
    thank you

    • purehaiku says:

      I’m planning on opening Pure Haiku again to submissions in September 2019. The submission windows lasts for 3 weeks. If you’d like to be informed as soon as PH is open to submissions, please sign up to receive regular updates at the right hand side! xxx

  3. julespaige says:

    I have now bookmarked this page/site. And have a weekly planner for the new year where I have noted when the new prompt will be up. Hopefully this will help me to remember.

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