How haiku are selected

The process of selection is simple and unbiased.


1 – at the end of the reading period I assign a number to each person who has submitted haiku

2 – I then cut and paste all haiku submissions into one document, assigning the correct number to each person’s submission – this means I can look at each haiku in an unbiased fashion

First Round

3 – I check the number of syllables are correct in each haiku – if they’re not, they are rejected

4 – sitting down with a cup of peppermint tea, I read through all the haiku submissions at least three times

5 – those haiku that stick out in my mind I highlight

Second Round

6 – I then go through the highlighted haiku and choose the ones that have individual lines that are complete in themselves and also conjure up a vivid image

Short List

7 – if there are still too many haiku I whittle the entries down further by eliminating ones that are very similar, choosing just the best to publish on the site.


8 – once I have determined which haiku will be published, I send out acceptance or rejection emails to everyone who has submitted work

To ensure your haiku make it through to stage 7, please read how to and follow all the relevant links.


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