an autumn haiku

14 August, 2020

autumn death at sea …

ballerina’s suicide

shocks the dancing world

© Dinesh Shihantha De Silva 2020

“An expert at procrastination.”

This haiku is part of our Dancing Goddess theme.

5 – 31

31 May, 2020

picnic in a field –

abandoned glass of white wine

left for autumn stars

© Roberta Beach Jacobson 2020

Roberta Beach Jacobson is student of tanshi (short poems) from Iowa, USA.

This haiku is part of our theme of Translucent.

10 – 26 – featured haiku writer

26 October, 2016
Corpses underneath
My feet crunch from the fallen
Soldiers of autumn.
© Jessyca Mathews 2016

Here is the third haiku from our featured haiku writer this week! I am pleased to introduce Jessyca Mathews, lover of Channing Tatum, Common, Leo DiCaprio, and other beautiful things, and all-around cool chick. Have you checked out her blog yet? Sultry Lyricist

I loved the way Jessyca marries the fallen leaves of autumn with dead corpses of soldiers beneath her feet.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


13 October, 2016
After the colour
Autumn dresses leaves in lace
For one last fall fling
© Teri Casper 2016
Teri is an artist and frequently marries her art to haiku to create a magical partnership. Check out both her blogs at Teri 2 Creations and Teri C.
Excellent imagery of the changing of leaves as they decay.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


12 October, 2016
storm ripped him from branch
but gave him wings to soar, then
softly laid to sleep
© Sharmishtha Basu 2016
Sharmistha is a prolific poet with many collections. Her latest project is a magazine called agnishatdalezine.
I liked the contrasting beginning and end and the perpetual motion in the haiku.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.

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