1 December, 2019

No beauty this storm,

Bahamian ripsody,

Shredding the sweet earth.

© Bill Engleson 2019


I write to keep the brain in me alive, to keep one step ahead of the bailiff of time.

This haiku is part of our theme of Disintegrate.

2 – 3

3 February, 2017
beauty surrounds us
care for nature now long due
a gift to respect
© Ken Gierke 2017
Learning to write, even as he writes, Ken blogs at Rivrvlogr
I chose this haiku because the word “care” is almost incidental in the haiku. The entire feeling the reader receives is that nature should be cared for.
This haiku is part of my CARE series.

12 – 9

9 December, 2013
frost-wrapped darkness holds
dangers concealed in beauty;
a lethal embrace.
© Freya Pickard 2013

2 – 20

20 February, 2013
A fairy-tale frost
covers trees, fields and hedges.
Cold-hearted beauty.
© Elizabeth Leaper 2013
Libby has two beautiful blogsites at wobbly dum dum tree and simply elfje where you can read more of her lyrical, expressive poetry.

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