a journey through cancer …

2 November, 2016
bone deep emotion
hot tears shatter my core
this is how I feel
© Freya Pickard 2016
This haiku is part of my first poetry collection which was published in October. Insides is a journey through cancer, surgery and chemotherapy designed to encourage, inspire and educate. I have also created what has been described as a “moving” video about this collection over at YouTube

Insides – my first poetry collection

16 October, 2016
Tomorrow, I am launching my first poetry collection!
Please join me at midday at Dragonscale Clippings for the launch of Insides.
I have also made a video about it at YouTube.

© Freya Pickard 2016

cancer overcome…

9 June, 2016
Thank you for following my guests and I as we explored the meaning of the word Cancer. I am currently waiting for my “all-clear” which is due in 2019. Meantime, I do everything I can to stay cancer-free. I am hoping to bring out a collection of poetry inspired by my journey through cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and recovery.
I will be taking a break from Pure Haiku for a while and will be blogging over at Dragonscale Clippings until late September
However, I will be opening Pure Haiku to submissions as of 20th June 2016. A new theme will be posted at Submit and the selected haiku will appear in September and October 2016.
Until then, keeping writing and reading haiku!
© Freya Pickard 2016


8 June, 2016
one seagull trolling…
sideways down the sandy beach
two crabs get eaten
© Pat Geyer 2016

I am pleased to introduce Pat Geyer as our featured haiku writer for the theme of cancer. She also takes photos of the aforementioned creatures and writes poems about them.

I chose this haiku because it made me smile. I had such a strong image of the seagull walking like a crab and then devouring two…


7 June, 2016
twelve thirtyish tolls
o’re the tropic of cancer…
noon day sun stands still
© Pat Geyer 2016

I am pleased to introduce Pat Geyer as our featured haiku writer for the theme of cancer. She flies with the dragonflies over the spiders in her garden and the freshwater crabs at the lake.

I chose this haiku because it takes us to the tropic of cancer and the heavy heat of noon…

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