Ghostlight fades …

30 March, 2022

Thank you to everyone who submitted their haiku for this theme! Thank you to everyone who has liked / shared / commented on the various haiku that I’ve posted over the last 3 months.

I have enjoyed our journey, exploring the beautiful fractal created by Troi David Loy!

It’s time for Pure Haiku to take a rest again, but you can always pop over to my other blog at Dragonscale Clippings for more inspiration if you wish!

Pure Haiku will open to submissions on a new theme on 1st June 2022 when I will post a new painting by artist Elisa Ang!

Meantime, have a creative and inspiring spring and I hope you to see you all again in June!

Much love Freya xxx

2 – 26

26 February, 2022
angelic presence
banishes these shadowed thoughts
floods abyss with light

© Freya Pickard

I also enjoy music by Ghost, early Genesis (before Peter Gabriel left) and Leonard Cohen

This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme.

2 – 12

12 February, 2022
frosted lilac light
amaranth blaze - dark glory;
this is not my world

© Freya Pickard

My favourite band is Disturbed

This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme.

2 – 2

2 February, 2022
pale pupil dilates
glassy dark iris expands;
heaven's watchful eye

© Freya Pickard

My favourite authors in genres other than fantasy include; Troy David Loy, Claudia Messelodi, Linda Imbler and Susi Bocks

This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme.

1 – 23

23 January, 2022
gossamer moonglow
fractures mid-winter nightmare
haunts my daily thoughts

© Freya Pickard

My favourite contemporary fantasy authors are Chris R Sendrowski, D. Wallace Peach and Elizabeth Baxter

This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme.

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