10-24 – featured haiku writer

24 October, 2016
Floating gracefully
In the cool spring breeze without
Knowing where I land
© Jessyca Mathews 2016

Here is the first haiku from our featured haiku writer this week! I am pleased to introduce Jessyca Mathews, a published author and overworked teacher. Check out her blog at Sultry Lyricist

I enjoyed the airiness of this haiku and the clever structuring of the sentences.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


21 October, 2016
the book lies open
the caravan is leaving
I vanish between
© Kerfe Roig 2016
Kerfe Roig enjoys transforming words and images into something new.  You can follow her explorations on the blog she does with her friend Nina at Method Two Madness.
This one stood out from the first read. I like the mystery of it, what the poet leaves unsaid..
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


20 October, 2016
Turn the page gently
Peruse the words of my heart
I call across time
© Merril D. Smith 2016
Merril studies history, writes poetry, and dances with her cats—sometimes at the same time. Read more of her work at Yesterday and Today: Merril’s Historical Musings.
I liked the tender feelings and the nostalgia that came through this haiku; a letter? a diary?
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.



19 October, 2016
In the candlelight,
ancient love tells its tale;
the old leaf crumbles.
© Bill Engleson 2016
” I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry and letters to the editor. I play with words and frequently they play with me.” You can read more of Bill’s work at Engleson.
I enjoyed the mystery of this haiku and the remembrances of love made me wonder…
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


18 October, 2016
drop of red on leaf
flipping the sheaf of regret
bad paper-cut bleed
© Shalini Singh 2016
“I scream poetry on paper when pain silence my words!” Shalini posts her work at Packing Life In Words.
I liked the clever way the poet ties in the theme of leaf in an unexpected way.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.

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