4 – 11

11 April, 2019

a closed door opens

exposing your hidden mind

you become yourself


© Tina Stewart Brakebill 2019


Tina’s blog continues to grow and change but happily her haiku addiction continues unabated. Find out more at Tina Stewart Brakebill!

This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.

1 – 4

4 January, 2017
caring for my breath
travelled with my mind inside
met me without ‘I’
© Shalini Singh 2017

Shalini says of herself that “I write poetry which finds me and reads you”. She has a blog at Packing Life in Words

I loved the last line of this senyru and enjoyed the mindfulness within it.
This haiku is part of my CARE series.

9 – 6

6 September, 2013
at peace, utter stillness as
my mind relaxes
© Freya Pickard 2013

2 – 6

6 February, 2013
Snowflakes floating down
only in my dreams. This year
winter has not come.
© Elizabeth Leaper 2013
Libby has two beautiful blogsites at wobbly dum dum tree and simply elfje where you can read more of her lyrical, expressive poetry.

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