4 – 22 – featured haiku writer

22 April, 2019

becoming themselves

polliwogs don’t miss their tails

leaping into life


© D. Avery 2019


I think, I speak; I read, I write; I drink, I pee; those are the ins and outs of me; I play with words, sometimes forgetting propriety. Discover more at Shift N Shake

Here is the first haiku from our featured haiku writer for the theme of Emergence.

4 – 17

17 April, 2019

everyday a new

blindness as her memory

grasps at current straws


© JulesPaige 2019


JulesPaige: because words are like Jewels on a Page… Want to read more? Visit Longer Strands of Gems.


This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.

4 – 11

11 April, 2019

a closed door opens

exposing your hidden mind

you become yourself


© Tina Stewart Brakebill 2019


Tina’s blog continues to grow and change but happily her haiku addiction continues unabated. Find out more at Tina Stewart Brakebill!

This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.


10 April, 2019

trope instead of mope

moving mood’s maybe to what

~ Is becoming If ~


190120a  ©  Impism


“As a perceptual scientist, (a visual psychophysicist to be precise), the process of understanding the incoming data we receive should come as second nature, yet I’m always amazed how we can perceive things differently with a slight twist in our viewpoint.  As always, I take impish delight in penning a wry view of such.”

You might like to take a look at The Writer’s Club on Facebook for more of Rich’s writing!

This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.


3 April, 2019

In a flash of wings,

A liaison of magic,

The butterfly flees.


© Bill Engleson 2019


I live in my head, and pray the landlord won’t evict me.  Enjoy more of Bill’s work at Engleson.


This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.

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