Pure Haiku – OPEN!

30 August, 2019

Pure Haiku is currently OPEN to Submissions.


This time, you are not allowed to use the word Disintegrate in your haiku/senyru (and you cannot use this word in the title, if you choose to provide titles for your submissions). I want to receive haiku/senyru that are implicit in their mentions of DISINTEGRATE.

The OED defines the verb DISINTEGRATE as “To break up into small parts as the result of impact or decay.” Further definitions can be found at Oxford Dictionaries.

Delight me and surprise me with your haiku that paint vivid pictures of DISINTEGRATE. Search deep for meaning and definition. Don’t be obvious, be intriguing! Make the reader puzzle and delight in a sudden ah-ha moment! As always I’m looking for excellent use of language and words that conjure up clear, vivid pictures; show, don’t tell.

There will be 28 slots for individual haiku plus space for up to 5 days for a single featured haiku writer.

The DEADLINE for submissions is 20th September 2019 at midnight.

DISINTEGRATE themed haiku written in English in the traditional/classical form (5-7-5 syllables) will be posted on this site between October & December 2019.

How to submit to Pure Haiku

If you would like to submit your haiku for publication on this site, please send a maximum of 5 haiku written in the classical form on the current theme to: –

purehaiku (at) gmail (dot) com

with SUBMISSIONS, the current THEME and your NAME in the subject line.

Please include the following in the body of the email: –

Your first name
Your last name
Your email address
Your haiku (all 5 in one email please) (they do not have to be titled)
The full address of your blog or website if you have one (only one site per submission please)
The name you want to appear on the copyright
One sentence introducing yourself. Be quirky and interesting – you want people to visit your blog, don’t you?!

(Even if you have had haiku published on this site before, please still include all this information as I do not keep any details of previous submissions. By including all the required details it makes my life easier when scheduling haiku. Thank you.)

© Freya Pickard 2019


While I’m offline …

9 May, 2019


The unicorn is an important theme in The Kaerling series

Unicorn a creature of magic and power

This Summer I’d thought I’d do something a bit different!

I’m currently offline and therefore unable to enjoy my usual browsing of my followers’ sites 😦

However, I have scheduled a few haiku posts of my own which will appear roughly every 2 weeks.

Please bear in mind that all comments are moderated and that comments may not appear immediately. I try to check all site comments once a week but it all depends on how busy I am with my “day” job! So please bear with me if your comments don’t appear for a few days …

Keep a look out for my first haiku in a couple of weeks time. I am posting haiku that have never appeared before. These are haiku I’ve written in conjunction with The Kaerling series. They describe characters and places from the volumes published so far and from volumes yet to be released …

© Freya Pickard 2019

Emerging and flown

26 April, 2019

Thank you for journeying with us through our Emergence themed haiku!

I hope you have enjoyed the haiku and feel inspired to write your own.

I’m sorry that hardly any of the haiku appeared on my Facebook Page this time. Someone has reported Pure Haiku to Facebook as having “Abusive Posts”. Not totally sure what this means but am assuming it’s a malicious troll type of thing.

I am therefore slowly withdrawing from Facebook and have created a MeWe account where I will post future haiku from Pure Haiku. Please join me there!


Due to the demands of my current job, I am taking a break from Pure Haiku submissions for a few months.

But I have scheduled a few posts here (twice a month) to keep you going over the Summer!

Pure Haiku will open again to submissions in September 2019. The new theme will be posted here and on the Submit Page when the submissions window is open!

Have a mindful Summer!

4 – 25 – featured haiku writer

25 April, 2019

a difficult birth

fifty years of contractions

here I am at last


© D. Avery 2019


People sometimes read what I write. ShiftnShake is a place for you to read some of my writing.

Here is the final haiku from our featured haiku writer for the theme of Emergence.

4 – 24 – featured haiku writer

24 April, 2019

uncertain passage

sounding the depths of silence

surfacing at last


© D. Avery 2019


I am a teacher of middle school mathematics. I enjoy kayaking, yard-saling and reading. Discover more at Shift N Shake

Here is the third haiku from our featured haiku writer for the theme of Emergence.

4 – 23 – featured haiku writer

23 April, 2019

only my leavings

moulted feathers, cast off skins

litter my life’s rooms


© D. Avery 2019


I live on an island off the coast of Massachusetts with a husband and a cat. Discover more at Shift N Shake

Here is the second haiku from our featured haiku writer for the theme of Emergence.

4 – 22 – featured haiku writer

22 April, 2019

becoming themselves

polliwogs don’t miss their tails

leaping into life


© D. Avery 2019


I think, I speak; I read, I write; I drink, I pee; those are the ins and outs of me; I play with words, sometimes forgetting propriety. Discover more at Shift N Shake

Here is the first haiku from our featured haiku writer for the theme of Emergence.

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