12 – 3 – Featured Haiku Writer

3 December, 2018

touch of plum blossom –

returned to a memory

of a soft pink spring


© Isabel Caves 2018


Here is the first haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer – Isabel Caves. Isabel is a poet and fiction writer who loves to share all the weird and wonderful things that tumble from her mind. Read more of her creativity at Isabel’s Blog.

This gentle, almost soft haiku stood out to me from the first read through. I like the way memory acts as a portal.

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!


strands of gems

3 March, 2017
This week’s “re-blog” comes from Jules Paige at Strands of Gems
© Freya Pickard 2017

10-24 – featured haiku writer

24 October, 2016
Floating gracefully
In the cool spring breeze without
Knowing where I land
© Jessyca Mathews 2016

Here is the first haiku from our featured haiku writer this week! I am pleased to introduce Jessyca Mathews, a published author and overworked teacher. Check out her blog at Sultry Lyricist

I enjoyed the airiness of this haiku and the clever structuring of the sentences.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


22 September, 2016
a moss-covered tree
weaves her nest: layered whispers,
leaves, and feathered hope
© Jill Sisson 2016
Jill is a writer-naturalist: pebbles in her pocket, knees in the grass, connecting human hearts to wild places. Find out more about Jill’s work at Spicy.
I like the clever use of language to build up the image of the nest and the hope of life.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


21 September, 2016
silver into gold
willow flower blooms erupt
allow leaves to droop
© Freya Pickard 2016
I love the way the coldness of winter melts into spring, particularly when the willow trees bud and pour forth their leaves.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


20 September, 2016
slender stalk uncurls
stark and barren twig until
tender flag unfurls
© Tracy Moore 2016
Tracy Moore wears many hats including those of poet and writer. All of them are pointy, as weaving together words in a way that impacts others is akin to crafting a spell. Read more at her delightful blog at Pull Up A Toadstool.
I enjoyed the contrast between the barren twig and the tender flag.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


19 September, 2016
radiant droplets
lit, suspended from dark twigs
after the hailstorm
© Freya Pickard 2016
This haiku was inspired by the contrast between light and dark.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.

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