The selection has been made!

26 March, 2023

Just a short post to let you all know that the final selection of haiku on the theme of ORCHID has been made!

I have just finished sending out acceptance and result emails. If you’ve received a Result or Rejection email, please don’t be discouraged! The competition for Pure Haiku is always incredibly high. If you’ve received an Acceptance email, congratulations! If you’ve received an email telling you that your haiku were shortlisted for the Featured Haiku Writers slots, your haiku got through some pretty tough challenges. And, for the two of you who attained one of the two Featured Haiku Writers positions – your haiku are amazing.

You can find out whose haiku will be appearing between 1st May and 8th July by checking out the Petals Page. Those who have given me social media contacts also appear in the Links section on the front page of this blog.

If you’re a contributor to the Orchid theme and have had your haiku accepted, but haven’t yet sent me a link to just ONE of your social media sites, please send me the link BEFORE 31st March if at all possible, so I can get your post/s updated and show your link on the site as well.

I’ll be having a break from the internet in April, only posting regularly at Patreon, (I’ll try and schedule some posts to appear on Facebook), as well as sending out my Newsletter in the middle of the month. Don’t forget to follow Jonathon B. Hoyt’s amazing photography site – he does photograph other items, not just orchids!

See you all again on 29 April, when the theme of ORCHID will begin …


Deadline is TONIGHT!

28 February, 2023

Today’s the final day to send in your haiku inspired by ORCHID by Jonathon B. Hoyt! The deadline is tonight at midnight, UK time.

Please read all the GUIDELINES before sending in your haiku!

To be informed when the next submission window opens, simply sign up to follow this blog and receive notifications. (Enter your email address in the box at the top right hand corner of the page!)

Only 1 week left …

22 February, 2023

There’s only a week to go before Pure Haiku closes to submissions on the theme of ORCHID by Jonathon B. Hoyt!

Send in your haiku inspired by the above images BEFORE midnight on 28th February 2023, after reading all the GUIDELINES!

All the haiku published on this site are structured classically with 5-7-5 syllables per line. Please take this into account if you wish to Submit your own haiku. I am aware that my haiku cannot be truly classical because I do not write in the old style of Japanese. Yet, this is how I was taught to write them many years ago and I find haiku such as these very pleasing to read.

Looking for haiku on the theme of ORCHID

15 February, 2023

Pure Haiku is OPEN to submissions on the theme of ORCHID by Jonathon B. Hoyt until midnight on 28th February 2023.

Please read the full guidelines at Submit before sending in your work!

Why Pure Haiku? I originally set up this blog so I had somewhere to publish my traditional haiku. In 2010 I was having haiku rejected purely on the basis that they weren’t modern. Apparently, traditional haiku are too difficult to write! Really? Well, 5000+ followers later, I think I’ve made my point! Find out more at About.

Send me your haiku!

8 February, 2023

Don’t forget to send in your 5 traditional haiku written in the English language BEFORE midnight (UK time) on 28th February 2023, using the above collage by Jonathon B. Hoyt as your starting point!

Check out the guidelines at Submit before sending in your work!

The selected haiku for this theme will be published every other day over a period of 3 months. Please make sure you read at least the last two themes to get an idea of how Pure Haiku works and what kind of haiku is accepted here. Discover more at About.

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