5 – 30

30 May, 2018

a glorious day!

both sun and moon together

no competition


© Dan Brook 2018


Dan says of himself, “I’m a writer, speaker, poet, photographer, activist, wanderer, wonderer, and professor of political science and sociology in the beautiful and bountiful San Francisco Bay Area.” Find out more about him and his writing at About Me.


This haiku stuck out from the first reading because Dan describes a scene during daylight hours. I like the balance this brings to the theme of eclipse from yesterday …


This haiku is part of our Celestial Bodies theme!


5 – 29

29 May, 2018

As two become one

Hold your breath and close your eyes

As the shadows play


© Rosie C 2018


Rosie says of herself “I am a fan of words and a lover of life!” Find out more about her and her writing at Baby Blue Skies.


I enjoyed this haiku because of the subtle imagery. I was reminded of both an eclipse as well as two vast beings consummating their union …


This haiku is part of our Celestial Bodies theme!

The Moon to the Sun

25 May, 2018

Be my light and come

We’ll trace a path through the stars

Of fire and silver


© Kathy 2018


This is Kathy’s first appearance here at Pure Haiku. She lives in London and on her blog Cosmickat she publishes a daily haiku. She seeks to explore different aspects of spirituality from meditation to yoga and everything in between. 


I chose this haiku because of the image the last line conjured up in my head. I also love the feel of the words – it reminded me of a verse from an epic poem …


This haiku is part of our Celestial Bodies theme!

5 – 15

15 May, 2018

alien city

a golden moon embraces

needles of black glass


© Isabel Caves 2018


Isabel Caves is a poet and fiction writer who loves to share all the weird and wonderful things that tumble from her mind. More of her writing and information about her published books can be found at Isabel’s blog.


The image of the “needles of black glass” haunted me from the first reading.

This haiku is part of our Celestial Bodies theme!


7 June, 2016
twelve thirtyish tolls
o’re the tropic of cancer…
noon day sun stands still
© Pat Geyer 2016

I am pleased to introduce Pat Geyer as our featured haiku writer for the theme of cancer. She flies with the dragonflies over the spiders in her garden and the freshwater crabs at the lake.

I chose this haiku because it takes us to the tropic of cancer and the heavy heat of noon…


30 May, 2016
is the sun shining?
I’ve heard rumour of its warmth
from the nightingale
© Francis James Franklin 2016

Francis James Franklin has appeared before here at Pure Haiku. He is a fantasy author and poet with a perverse sense of humour, a fascination with human nature, and a passion for Greek mythology, vampires and Supergirl. Check out both his blogs at Alina Meridon and Francis James Franklin

I chose this haiku because again Frank has captured how I felt during chemotherapy. I would “come up” out of the boiling blood and darkness to find the sun was shining…


9 May, 2016
sun spots not so fun
evolve, grow; get detected –
and safely removed
©  JulesPaige 2016

JulesPaige has been a featured haiku writer here at Pure Haiku. She says of herself “I write small verse. I use the nom-de-plume JulesPaige because words are like ‘jewels’ on a ‘page.” Read more of her work at JulesPaige

I chose this haiku because it protrays a positive outcome in so few words…

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