11 – 29

29 November, 2018

gliding sunset sails

water trails on waking dreams –

slip the horizon


© 180916c Impism 2018


Rich Unger tells me, “Given I go by Imp as my pseudonym and am part Gallifreyan, on the distaff side of the family, I have a passing knowledge of portals, (as much as they allow given their capricious nature).” Want to know more? Visit him on facebook at Rich Unger and at High Coo and The Writers Club.

So many different images in just three lines – this haiku made me remember the film At World’s End. 

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!


7 – 31 featured haiku writer

31 July, 2015
dreaming of sunset
I cover my nakedness
with its fading glow
© Celestine Nudanu 2015

Here is the last haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer this week. Celestine has written romantic fiction for serialisation for a number of Ghanaian newspapers in Ghana as well as writing several radio serial dramas on topics ranging from child health to female sexual reproductive health. Find out more about her writing and reviews at Reading Pleasure

11 – 12

12 November, 2014
fiery red orange
hints of sunset glow touching
the clouds with warm love
© Elisa Choi 2014

Elisa Choi is an artist and has a wonderful web site at Harmony Thoughts

11 – 15

15 November, 2013
Sunrise, like sunset,
casts red hues across the land.
Pink-tinged frostiness.
© Freya Pickard 2013

1 – 23

23 January, 2013
fluctuating light
gold-orange at dusk, no heat
but vital, eternal
© Freya Pickard 2013

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