12 – 3 – Featured Haiku Writer

3 December, 2018

touch of plum blossom –

returned to a memory

of a soft pink spring


© Isabel Caves 2018


Here is the first haiku from our Featured Haiku Writer – Isabel Caves. Isabel is a poet and fiction writer who loves to share all the weird and wonderful things that tumble from her mind. Read more of her creativity at Isabel’s Blog.

This gentle, almost soft haiku stood out to me from the first read through. I like the way memory acts as a portal.

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!

2 – 6 featured haiku writer

6 February, 2017
gentle caring touch
smoothing wrinkled sheets or brow
warmth of an embrace
© Kim M Russell 2017

Here is the first haiku from our featured haiku writer this week! I am pleased to introduce Kim Russell who scribbles haiku, tanka and other poetry at Writing in North Norfolk

I chose this haiku because Kim makes something tender and vivid out of what could be a cliche.
This haiku is part of my CARE series.

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