6 – 16 – Featured Haiku Writer

16 June, 2020

age distorts our view

light colours all things formless

glaucoma sets in

© Susi Bocks 2020

I’d like to say that calling myself a writer and author is the moniker that seems to fit the best.

This haiku is part of our theme of Translucent.

4 – 21 – featured haiku writer

21 April, 2014
framed by leaves the trees
tease the eye hiding the view
© Dragonsilk 2014

This week I am featuring Dragonsilk – an artist, photographer and poet – their work can be found at dragonsilk

view …

4 February, 2014
rectangular frame
pale trunks, bare branches and rain
sky lightens, I write
© Freya Pickard 2014
I am once again open to submissions of haiku from guest writers. Please visit submit for more details.

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