Words only

16 January, 2020

Did you know that Pure Haiku is a WORDS ONLY blog?

I believe that haiku should stand alone without the need of a picture to complete them. I have had to reject haiku in the past because people submitted them on/with a picture!

Occasionally I do use a picture in a post, usually when I am introducing or summarising a theme.

Next month I am planning on using a painting to inspire you to write haiku!

But even when using pictures to inspire haiku, the words used in the haiku should give the reader a vivid image without the need to refer to the original source of inspiration.

There’s more information at What I Look For!

Pure Haiku is currently OPEN to submissions on the theme of TRANSLUCENT. The deadline is 24th January 2020. Please read ALL the submission guidelines before submitting your work.

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