30 October, 2019

a racket of words

I no longer understand

the descending geese

© Marilyn Ashbaugh 2019


Marilyn Ashbaugh plays with words and dirt, sometimes together, always near water: Great Lakes fresh or Gulf Stream salt.

This is Marilyn’s first appearance on Pure Haiku!

This haiku is part of our theme of Disintegrate.


25 October, 2019

words abandon me

expressive thought fails me

sterile silence rules


© Freya Pickard 2019


This haiku is part of our theme of Disintegrate.


10 April, 2019

trope instead of mope

moving mood’s maybe to what

~ Is becoming If ~


190120a  ©  Impism


“As a perceptual scientist, (a visual psychophysicist to be precise), the process of understanding the incoming data we receive should come as second nature, yet I’m always amazed how we can perceive things differently with a slight twist in our viewpoint.  As always, I take impish delight in penning a wry view of such.”

You might like to take a look at The Writer’s Club on Facebook for more of Rich’s writing!

This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.


20 October, 2016
Turn the page gently
Peruse the words of my heart
I call across time
© Merril D. Smith 2016
Merril studies history, writes poetry, and dances with her cats—sometimes at the same time. Read more of her work at Yesterday and Today: Merril’s Historical Musings.
I liked the tender feelings and the nostalgia that came through this haiku; a letter? a diary?
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.


3 – 2

2 March, 2016
cameras recording
my face and my words – hidden
eyes spy out my thoughts
© Freya Pickard 2016

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