25 October, 2019

words abandon me

expressive thought fails me

sterile silence rules


© Freya Pickard 2019


This haiku is part of our theme of Disintegrate.

11 – 13

13 November, 2018

landscapes in note form

ink doodles sketching symbols

the act of writing


© Matthew Saunders 2018


“Please come and visit my blog at The Kettle Clicks for more haiku and other poetry. Hope to see you soon!”

On the first reading I was convinced this haiku was about music, it wasn’t until I reached the last line that I realised the truth! For me too, writing is a portal…

This haiku is part of our PORTAL theme!

Mists of Time…

17 September, 2013
precise patterns swirl
hiding strange mysteries, lost
in the mists of time…
To find out more about my haiku for today, please visit Clippings 10
© Freya Pickard 2013

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